To Ash and Dust: The Deliverance Trilogy: Book 2

To Ash and Dust: The Deliverance Trilogy: Book Two

The war has begun anew. The Demon Army marches on Newaught. Their newly constructed canons catching the city unawares. With the first shot destroying a large portion of the walls, the leaders surrender without a fight. An order is issued to turn Malach and his friends over and they are forced to flee the city. Finding other refugees along the way, they must shepherd them toward the safety of the Angel Army, however, their journey might be longer than they anticipate. During their flight, Malach’s mother has been found. She is being held in a prison deep in Demon Territory. They must deliver the refugees of Newaught to safety before gathering their strength and a recuse party. Can they make it to her in time? Or will she perish before they can reach her?


Jonie Richardson


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